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Are you thinking about applying for a Bachelor or Master from our Media and Communication department? If you’re curious about students’ experiences, this app is perfect for you! It allows you to get in contact with current students and alumni.

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Praten met een student van Media en Communicatie

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  • Merle Ullrich

    "After spending one year abroad in Australia the IBCoM program turned out to be the perfect opportunity to keep my life in an international surrounding."

              Merle Ullrich
              International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM)
  • Anouk Bosman

    "New opportunities, different cultures, international students/professors, friends for life, IBCoM offers it all! "

              Anouk Bosman
              International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM)
  • Matthias de Heer

    "Via deze Master wil ik mijzelf verder ontwikkelen en de wereld vanuit een journalistiek oogpunt beter leren kennen en onderzoeken."

              Matthias de Heer
              Master Media & Journalistiek
  • Beatriz Vigilanza

    "My favorite aspect of IBCoM is the possibility of effectively establishing the transactional use of communication within an international scenario."

              Beatriz Vigilanza
              International Bachelor Communication and Media (IBCoM)

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